Paw Prints Across My Heart
Rescues and Other Stories of Animals Who have Touched My Life

by Debi Pace

  • Animal rescuer and author, Debi Pace, has referred to her home as the “Kennel of Last Resort.” Wherever Pace has lived, she has volunteered at the local shelter or humane society, and for the last fifteen years she has taken in the hardest cases and worked hands-on to rehabilitate and rehome animals―and kept a running cast of characters in her life from collies to kittens to a cockabeagador. These stories celebrate the countless dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and other creatures who have made their homes with her and that she has restored to health, rehomed with new families, or helped over the “rainbow bridge.”

288 pages, 6 x 9 , 44 softcovers per case, Perfect

ISBN 10: 1591522919
ISBN 13: 9781591522911






Paw Prints Across My Heart
Rescues and Other Stories of Animals Who have Touched My Life

Paw Prints Across My Heart is a journey through Debi's real-life experience in animal rescue. In the telling of these wonderful, heart-warming stories, she has captured the essence of what it is to be a rescuer. I laughed out loud in parts and cried in others, especially where I was reminded of the ugliness we encounter in some aspects of rescue. Debi conveys well the sacrifices we gladly make for the abundant rewards. In fact, one need only look into the trusting and "furever" changed because of them, to continue on doing what we do. Many thanks to Debi for sharing her experience and for making a positive difference in the world." --Andrea Moss, founder and Past President of NorCal Collie Rescue and "Camp Collie" Rescue Volunteer

If you love animals this book is a must-read. The joy, trials, heartache, and tribulations of animal rescue. A great eye-opener into the lives of those who dedicate themselves to helping pets tossed out by today's society. --Nancy Loendorf, fellow animal rescuer, dog trainer, and former owner of F & L Pet Resort in Black Eagle, Montana.

Debi lives in the small community of Vaughn, Montana with her family of rescued critters. When she is not working at her full time job, she is active caring for her resident and foster dogs and cats. Many of the stories in this book were written during the Camp Collie rescue in 2002/2003 with the idea of compiling them into a future book. Unfortunately the book idea took a back seat once the “rescue” bug bit. What started as baking cookies for the occasional shelter bake sale turned into a passion for helping animals by fostering, working at adoption events and helping to organize spay/neuter clinics. These took up most of her time and the book became a will do someday bucket list item. As Debi got more involved in animal rescue she had little extra time to sit in front of a computer. But once started, the stories wrote themselves and in only a few months, PawPrints looked like it would become a reality. These stories sometimes heartbreaking, often funny and heartwarming will hopefully inspire others to go the extra mile to help an animal in need. This is Debi’s first book of what she anticipates will be other books on animal rescue. All the animals in this book left lasting paw prints across her heart. Her hopes are the readers of this book will identify with precious animals that have left large, tiny, muddy, and hairy paw prints across their hearts. 50% of the proceeds from PawPrints Across My Heart will go towards animal rescue.

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