The Frank Smith Story
I Always Wanted to Build Things

by Robert Nehls
and Stephen Coombs

  • You are invited on a journey, from birth to present, of the never-quit, can-do spirit of Frank Smith. He traveled the long road that ultimately led to the American dream as he worked his way into the forest industry and forged ahead to become the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of off-road lowboy trailers for open pit mines.

    He also invented the revolutionary TowHaul Removing Gooseneck that can haul the lowboy as well as tow a disabled haul truck for the mines. The inspiring story that lies between, through, and beyond these events is one of courage, compassion, and commitment to the fundamental philosophical principals that guide Frank Smith and the enterprises he has founded.

, 24 softcovers per case, softcover

ISBN 10: 1591522773
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-277-5

  • Color photographs
  • Motivational
  • A story of indomitable spirit





The Frank Smith Story
I Always Wanted to Build Things

The Frank Smith Story align=

Robert Nehls has been telling stories for many years, mostly in the form of poetry. His poetry has been published in the local papers of many of the places he has lived. Most recently, he and his wife Stevi have returned to Livingston, Montana where they now make their home. He has had a steady stream of poems published in the local newspaper, the Park County Community Journal, since October 2015.

Stephen Coombs was born in Williams Lake B.C. and now lives in the Okanagan Valley. Although he has worked most of his life as a carpenter, he has for many years considered himself to be a writer at heart. He has always enjoyed putting words together although he waited until he had a bit of life experience before trying to express too many of his thoughts and opinions. Those thoughts and opinions are now communicated in the many stories and books of fiction he has written.

Stephen admits that all of the characters in his stories have spoken to him, some in more words than others. It may sound strange but sometimes he feels like the stories not only write themselves, but they seem to demand being written.

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