Jane Shull Beasley's For the Love of Birds
Perpetual Calendar

by Jane Shull Beasley

illustrations by Jane Shull Beasley

published by Sandy Shull

produced by Sweetgrass Books

  • Produced in conjunction with her book, For the Love of Birds, Jane Shull Beasley’s For the Love of Birds Perpetual Calendar is a timeless treasure sure to please art, bird, and nature fans alike. Jane Shull Beasley left her mark as an exquisite artist, radio personality, avid birder, and owner of one of Montana’s most notable destination stores, Birds and Beasleys, in Helena. A timeless treasure with vibrant, detailed colored pencil illustrations of an assortment of birds. Beautifully scripted names of the species complement each page. Perpetual calendars make wonderful gifts for holidays, weddings, and many more occasions year-round. The absence of year or day of the week make this a lovely and effective way to keep track of birthdays and other important dates to remember.

12 pages, 17.5 x 4.25, 24 illustrations, Spiral

ISBN 10: 1-59152-283-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-283-6


  • 24 colored pencil illustrations
  • Lifelike depictions
  • Beautiful compilation of nature and art





Jane Shull Beasley's For the Love of Birds
Perpetual Calendar

Jane Shull Beasley align= Jane Shull Beasley drew with a pencil as a child. As a commercial art student at the University of Idaho, she explored other media. Study of costume design at Emerson College in Boston began her professional art career as a teacher and designer of costumes for theater. Her husband’s career moved them to Montana in 1954 where her career changed to motherhood, commissioned artwork in pencil, pen, acrylic and the enchanting world of stoneware clay. Looking back at Jane’s lifetime, we see a theme of birds and nature; birding with her father as a young girl, flying an airplane at 15, high up in the sky with the birds, sculpting animals, and drawing the birds, butterflies and flowers in this collection. Jane’s love of nature is shared with feather and furry friends, capturing a nuance, a mood in painting, clay sculpture or relief. Her work is in homes, galleries, businesses and trade throughout the U.S.

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