50 Million Years of Whales

by Ted Rechlin

illustrations by Ted Rechlin

  • Whales are animals of superTed Rechlin (JURASSIC, SHARKS: A 400 MILLION YEAR JOURNEY) on a dive into the depths of time to discover the fascinating backstory that is the evolution of whales.

128 pages, 6.75 x 10.25, Case bound sewn

ISBN 10: 1591522730
ISBN 13: 9781591522737


  • Full color illustrations
  • Fun facts
  • Science and fun!





50 Million Years of Whales

Ted Rechlin align= Author and Illustrator Ted Rechlin loves to draw pictures and tell stories. While his drawing style has evolved, his stories haven't really changed much. They're still about science, nature, and lots (and lots) of dinosaurs. Ted has had a life-long love of animals, nature, dinosaurs, and all things prehistoric. He founded Rextooth Studios so he could share his passion for natural history and science education.

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